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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


PURE SEDUCTIONMy Personal Review 
Pure Seduction is one of my best selling scents. It’s fruity and sweet notes in it. Sweet notes mean not a sugary smell or sweet as candy, but it is a bit like fruit juice/punch. I find it to be a sexy sweet scent.


LOVE SPELLMy Personal Review 
I love, love spell. This is also one of my best selling scents. What can I describe is it has this sweet scent. I like to pamper my skin with lotion and body mist and it make me feel fresh and sweet. It’s also fruity.

First thing cross from my mind it smells like a rose. Not too sweet. Strawberry Champagne is one of my best selling scents.

AMBER ROMANCEMy Personal Review 
My friend said that this scent smells like vanilla. I try it for the first time but I don’t get it the vanilla scent but I can tell you that it's describe of women, not girlies. For me I love this scent and love the lotion. Very sophisticated. 

PEAR GLACEMy Personal Review 
Smell like flower, I think the violets and some sweet fruity from pear. It strong for the first time then becomes fresh. Not too sweet.

ENDLESS LOVEMy Personal Review 
It strong for me. Like a men’s cologne for first time smelling but after that it change to nice and fresh smell. The fruity scent of apple and honeydew come next.

VANILLA LACEMy Personal Review 
100% of vanilla scent. For vanilla lovers this scent is suitable for you. The vanilla is sweet but not candy-like, much more like extracted and caramelized vanilla. 

BERRY KISSMy Personal Review 
I can smell the raspberry and rose together. Sometimes like candy, sometimes flowery. It’s floral fruity. 

SECRET CHARMMy Personal Review 
Love it!!! It’s very soft, not too sweet and flowery. It’s feminine. 

COCONUT PASSIONMy Personal Review 
Honestly, I don’t like coconut but when first time smells it, it changes my mind. I thought it smell suck but it is unique combination. Combination of coconut and vanilla, what a great scent. Become of my new scent ever. 

WILD SCARLETMy Personal Review
Not sweet, fruity, fresh and clean. Love its smell. Recommended!!!

RAVISHING LOVEMy Personal Review
Sweet, sexy, fruity, yummy scent. It more likes pure seduction but very sweet.

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